Intense inspiration days in Gnesta

When working in a project like Folk Song Lab you sometimes need to be super-focused and working together without being disturbed by other ‘stuff’. The FoSoLa inner circle went to Gnesta in Sörmland to spend two days of total concentration. Working with new ideas of improvisation, such as using the formulas of ‘Sutartinas’ (Lithuanian singing-style)Continue reading “Intense inspiration days in Gnesta”

Tuning in the landscape

One of the more interesting presentations / workshop at the conference ‘The Multivalent Voice’ in Istanbul was ‘Inner Asia Throat-Singing (Xöömei) Workshop: Perspectives from Tyva and Mongolia’ with Robert O. Beahrs (Center for Advanced Studies in Music, MIAM) and the Mongolian throat-singer Davaadalai Munkhbat. Thanks to simultaneous interpretation from Mongolian – Turkish – English andContinue reading “Tuning in the landscape”

The Multivalent Voice

During the conference ‘The Multivalent Voice’ in Istanbul, Turkey the Folk Song Lab project were presented. Many interested participants did attend and posed questions and comments on the project. The conference had a broad approach to the Voice including also social keynotes on the importance of having a voice also in society. However the main-partContinue reading “The Multivalent Voice”

Folk Song Lab @ VoCon @ PJP @ AEC

It is wonderful to do a session of Folk Song Lab with a totally new group of people. Today this happened with a group of singers from different countries and genres at the VoCon meeting during the annual PJP (Pop & Jazz Plattform) conference under AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires). This years the conference wereContinue reading “Folk Song Lab @ VoCon @ PJP @ AEC”