Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day

This day Folk Song Lab did both a short presentation and invited to an experiment. Letting the the visitors and participants try out “mirror-singing” by mimicking phrases in the moment. The deeply concentrated participants said it was both hard and fun. Looking forward to analyze the recorded data collected! KMH X-day is a meeting pointContinue reading “Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day”

Folk Song Lab @ VoCon @ PJP @ AEC

It is wonderful to do a session of Folk Song Lab with a totally new group of people. Today this happened with a group of singers from different countries and genres at the VoCon meeting during the annual PJP (Pop & Jazz Plattform) conference under AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires). This years the conference wereContinue reading “Folk Song Lab @ VoCon @ PJP @ AEC”

360° at Eric Ericsson hall

Together with the choir Vocal Nordice conducted by Lone Larsen, and under the conceptual lead of Katarina Henryson, Folk Song Lab participated in the concert 360° at the magic Eric Ericsson hall in Stockholm. Mirror-singing, Meandering, Herding calls and polyphonic chorale singing was performed.