Folk Song Lab IVL

In todays session, we started a new era in the project, by setting a goal to record videos in Folk Song Lab IVL – in virtual reality. Question arises – How to deal with latency? Is latency even to be considered a friend? Until next week a ‘shadow-singing’ video will be created! Here is howContinue reading “Folk Song Lab IVL”

Breathing high and low

How do we use our breath to apply to the phrasing in mirror-singing? And what happens to the breathing pattern when turning over to meandering? Are there any differences? And how do different breathing habits affect the turn-taking in Q&A? This is questions that we are curious to know a little bit more about. SoContinue reading “Breathing high and low”

Heartbeat and breathe in Folk Song Lab

Today we have done a kind of first experimenting with using measuring tools for finding how the pulse and the breathing pattern changes during a session. This could be the way into finding how to measure group flow. Could it be that the breathing gets deeper during a session? It would be amazing to figureContinue reading “Heartbeat and breathe in Folk Song Lab”

Intense inspiration days in Gnesta

When working in a project like Folk Song Lab you sometimes need to be super-focused and working together without being disturbed by other ‘stuff’. The FoSoLa inner circle went to Gnesta in Sörmland to spend two days of total concentration. Working with new ideas of improvisation, such as using the formulas of ‘Sutartinas’ (Lithuanian singing-style)Continue reading “Intense inspiration days in Gnesta”

Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day

This day Folk Song Lab did both a short presentation and invited to an experiment. Letting the the visitors and participants try out “mirror-singing” by mimicking phrases in the moment. The deeply concentrated participants said it was both hard and fun. Looking forward to analyze the recorded data collected! KMH X-day is a meeting pointContinue reading “Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day”

FoSoLa – the inner circle of Folk Song Lab

The Swedish Research Council support the project Folk Song Lab with a three year grant 2019-2021. We are six persons in the inner project group in this research project with an interdisciplinary approach. We come from different fields and Singers Maria Misgeld, Sofia Sandén, Eva Rune and the project leader Susanne Rosenberg forms the artisticContinue reading “FoSoLa – the inner circle of Folk Song Lab”

Larynx microphones and different software

Frank Scherbaum from Berlin came to visit by invitation. We tried out larynx microphones in several workshops. How do they work? Could it be useful in the folk song lab project? The idea is to get recordings that don’t have any disturbing sound from others which means being able to identify who is singing whatContinue reading “Larynx microphones and different software”