The VR project Folk Song Lab 2019-2021

The project did received a Swedish Research Council grant (VR) within the field Artistic Research. The team for the project between 2019-2021 has a lot of potential. The participant in the research project are:
Susanne Rosenberg, folk singer and project leader
Maria Misgeld, folk singer
Eva Rune, folk singer
Sofia Sandén, folk singer
Fredrik Ullén, neurological researcher
Örjan de Manzano, neurological researcher
The short pitch of the project is as follows:

Folk Song Lab – deconstruction, improvisation and flow,

The purpose of the project is to develop and explore new models for collective improvisation in traditional folk singing. The starting point is the ethnological performance-perspective, meaning that a folk song takes form only in the performance, viewing the song as a cognitive frame.

In this explorative study, this perspective is researched using features of traditional folk song in new contexts, based on new models for collective improvisation in sessions. The project is unique from the perspective of genre, gender, and instrument.
The project also aims at observing how the design of models for improvisation affects the participant experience of psychological flow, both on individual and on group level.

The goal of the project is to establish new artistic expressions for folk song, thus revitalizing and renewing folk singing of today by means of collective improvisation and to shed light on how flow and artistic expression in a collective context are interrelated.

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