Tuning in the landscape

One of the more interesting presentations / workshop at the conference ‘The Multivalent Voice’ in Istanbul was ‘Inner Asia Throat-Singing (Xöömei) Workshop: Perspectives from Tyva and Mongolia’ with Robert O. Beahrs (Center for Advanced Studies in Music, MIAM) and the Mongolian throat-singer Davaadalai Munkhbat. Thanks to simultaneous interpretation from Mongolian – Turkish – English andContinue reading “Tuning in the landscape”

Folk Song Lab with Adama Cissokho

Today we have had the pleasure of meeting the singer, musician, story-teller Adama Cissokho from Senegal in a workshop. Adama taught us a lullaby and some other songs. I was a pure pleasure to meet and sing with Adama. Singing from cognitive frames with variation the way of approaching the music is very much theContinue reading “Folk Song Lab with Adama Cissokho”