Studio Recording of FoSoLa

Time for three days of recordings in the primary studio at KMH with the inner circle FoSoLa. Mirror-singing. Q&A. Meandering. Story-board. Kyrie. Herding call. Soundscape etc. were some of the improvising methods that we used. All recordings were made as a regular session, meaning at least 20 minuts in a stretch. Also did some recordingsContinue reading “Studio Recording of FoSoLa”

FoSoLa – the inner circle of Folk Song Lab

The Swedish Research Council support the project Folk Song Lab with a three year grant 2019-2021. We are six persons in the inner project group in this research project with an interdisciplinary approach. We come from different fields and Singers Maria Misgeld, Sofia Sandén, Eva Rune and the project leader Susanne Rosenberg forms the artisticContinue reading “FoSoLa – the inner circle of Folk Song Lab”