Folk Song Lab

Deconstruction, improvisation & flow

A session of folk song lab in Helsinki at a conference in 2017


The heart of the project is sessions. A session is identified by a temporal space, physical place, collective improvisation and interaction. Using different artistic methods and starting from different formulas in folk singing.

Working with different methods for trying to catch the spirit of the moment with a different technique. During this session, recording both sound, breathing and pulse.


In the project folk song lab, the idea is to experiment and try to figure out connections between interaction in collective improvisation, breath, pulse, and musical ideas. We are working with different techniques to measure this.

The water tower in Gnesta – A concert venue for Folk Song Lab in September 2019.


“Folk Song Lab” can also be in form of a public happening or a concert.

”What was it she carried in her memory, not a song, but a ballad – an entity soluble in her mind’

Bronson about mrs brown