Intense inspiration days in Gnesta

When working in a project like Folk Song Lab you sometimes need to be super-focused and working together without being disturbed by other ‘stuff’. The FoSoLa inner circle went to Gnesta in Sörmland to spend two days of total concentration. Working with new ideas of improvisation, such as using the formulas of ‘Sutartinas’ (Lithuanian singing-style)Continue reading “Intense inspiration days in Gnesta”

PEVOC – Getting new ideas

The Folk Song Lab project takes its influence from different directions. For some days in the end of August, two of the FoSoLa inner circle participated in the ‘Pan-European Voice Conference’ (PEVOC) in Copenhagen. Getting new ideas from presentations such as: Filippa M.B. Lä talking about ‘Augmented feedback of airflow in semi-occluded vocal tract exercises’Continue reading “PEVOC – Getting new ideas”

Georgian Polyphonic Singing

Frank Scherbaum, who is an expert on larynx-microphones, also have done interesting field recordings in the mountains of Georgia with this equipment. Frank gave as an introduction to Georgian Polyphonic Singing with both sound and video. It’s an amazing work that Frank has done and also the way it has been recorded, where you canContinue reading “Georgian Polyphonic Singing”