Studio Recording of FoSoLa

Time for three days of recordings in the primary studio at KMH with the inner circle FoSoLa. Mirror-singing. Q&A. Meandering. Story-board. Kyrie. Herding call. Soundscape etc. were some of the improvising methods that we used. All recordings were made as a regular session, meaning at least 20 minuts in a stretch. Also did some recordingsContinue reading “Studio Recording of FoSoLa”

Larynx microphones and different software

Frank Scherbaum from Berlin came to visit by invitation. We tried out larynx microphones in several workshops. How do they work? Could it be useful in the folk song lab project? The idea is to get recordings that don’t have any disturbing sound from others which means being able to identify who is singing whatContinue reading “Larynx microphones and different software”