Folk Song Lab IVL

In todays session, we started a new era in the project, by setting a goal to record videos in Folk Song Lab IVL – in virtual reality. Question arises – How to deal with latency? Is latency even to be considered a friend? Until next week a ‘shadow-singing’ video will be created! Here is howContinue reading “Folk Song Lab IVL”

Rhyme and Rhyming

‘Cognitive strategies in rhyming in new ballads – an improvisatory approach’ was the title of a presentation of Folk Song Lab hold at the conference ‘Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Art and Song’. The main focus in the presentation was to illuminate the different methods used for improvising end-rhyme in ballads and how they worked:Continue reading “Rhyme and Rhyming”

Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day

This day Folk Song Lab did both a short presentation and invited to an experiment. Letting the the visitors and participants try out “mirror-singing” by mimicking phrases in the moment. The deeply concentrated participants said it was both hard and fun. Looking forward to analyze the recorded data collected! KMH X-day is a meeting pointContinue reading “Mirror-singing experiment at KMH X-day”

waulking songs in folk song lab

Using different input and inspiration is vital to the sessions of folk song lab. Today we experimented with using ‘waulking songs’ as inspiration for singing. ‘Waulking songs’ is narrative singing while waulking the fabric e.g. tweed on the Hebrides. We use input from traditional singing as in this wonderful video.

Improvised rhyming in a ballad

A lot of experimenting with improvising lyrics is done in the folk song lab sessions. We try to use the formulas inherited in the ballad form, such as rhyme, repetition and certain expressions etc. This session we did use two methods for improvising: end-rhymes and ‘crochet/braid /chain-singing’ meaning that we repeat the subject / word/Continue reading “Improvised rhyming in a ballad”

Teachers and staff at KMH

Today Folk Song Lab had the opportunity to present the ideas of the project to teachers and staff at KMH. Hopefully they were interested in following the project as it goes along. The presentation focused on giving a broader picture of the ideas behind Folk Song Lab. Flow. Qualities in Folk Music. Interactivity. Improvisation.

Methods used @ Folk singing course

Using the Folk Song Lab methods for improvising with new groups are always fun and a joy. Today the methods were used in a session of the folk singing course at ‘Eric Sahlström Institute’ (ESI) in Northern Uppland, some hours driving from Stockholm. The participants were intrigued and throw them self out with different FSL-methodsContinue reading “Methods used @ Folk singing course”