Intense inspiration days in Gnesta

When working in a project like Folk Song Lab you sometimes need to be super-focused and working together without being disturbed by other ‘stuff’. The FoSoLa inner circle went to Gnesta in Sörmland to spend two days of total concentration. Working with new ideas of improvisation, such as using the formulas of ‘Sutartinas’ (Lithuanian singing-style)Continue reading “Intense inspiration days in Gnesta”

Teachers and staff at KMH

Today Folk Song Lab had the opportunity to present the ideas of the project to teachers and staff at KMH. Hopefully they were interested in following the project as it goes along. The presentation focused on giving a broader picture of the ideas behind Folk Song Lab. Flow. Qualities in Folk Music. Interactivity. Improvisation.

Research network meeting, Center for Social Sustainability and KMH

Today Folk Song Lab started a network meeting at KMH with an interactive mirror-singing session and a short presentation of the project. The session created a warm and good discussion climate for the presentations that followed. An interesting day!

Folk Song Lab @ ‘Folk Trad Now’ festival

Great festival with concerts, workshops, seminaries as part of this years Nordtrad-meeting. A lot of things happening at KMH and off course also a session with Folk Song Lab with guest from the nordic and baltic countries and all the way from Ireland. The collaborative improvisation had to be in English!