FoSoLa – The inner circle of Folk Song Lab

Thanks to the grant from The Swedish Research Grant for the project Folk Song Lab, the inner circle can work more actively with the project.

Susanne Rosenberg

Folk Singer, Professor

Susanne is the person who invented and started the project Folk Song Lab back in 2014. She has been a singer, researcher and a pedagogue since the beginning of the 1980th.

Maria Misgeld

Folk Singer and pedagogue

Maria did her folk singing studies as the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in the beginning of the 2000. She then returned for her master-studies just a couple of years ago and has also been working as a pedagogue at RCM. Today she divide her time being a florist and a folk singer.

Eva Rune

Folk Singer and pedagogue

Eva Rune studied at the Royal College of Music in the 1990th, but recently returned to do her master studies and join the project Folk Song Lab. She is together with Maria part of the Folk Vocal trio Irmelin. On this picture she tries out the larynx microphone.

Sofia Sandén

Folk Singer and pedagogue

Sofia studied at the Royal College of Music in the late 1900th, and is now working at RCM as a folk singing teacher. Sofia, Susanne and Eva was 3/4 of the singers in the legendary group Rosenbergs Sjua. The picture was taken during the recording session of Folk Song Lab in 2019.

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