Studio Recording of FoSoLa

Time for three days of recordings in the primary studio at KMH with the inner circle FoSoLa. Mirror-singing. Q&A. Meandering. Story-board. Kyrie. Herding call. Soundscape etc. were some of the improvising methods that we used. All recordings were made as a regular session, meaning at least 20 minuts in a stretch. Also did some recordings being in separate rooms where we neither did see nor hear each other besides in the headphones. We also experimented with seated and standing and moving around in the room.

The studio is a great working place and we had excellent support from sound engineer Markus Sjöberg. Recordings were made with three different microphones for each singer, one of them being the larynx one, besides also added ambient microphones.

The recordings will hopefully end up into a public release later on.

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