Folk Song Lab @ VoCon @ PJP @ AEC

It is wonderful to do a session of Folk Song Lab with a totally new group of people. Today this happened with a group of singers from different countries and genres at the VoCon meeting during the annual PJP (Pop & Jazz Plattform) conference under AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires). This years the conference were situated in Trondheim, Norway. Improvising folk songs: flow creating methods for singing was the headline, and we started of the session without any introduction , just seated in a circle, after a while closing our eyes.

Susanne Rosenberg (third from left) is leading the session of Folk Song Lab at the VoCon meeting.

VoCon is a Europe-wide platform for vocal Jazz, Pop and all interested teachers in higher music education. It provides in the need for sharing good practice, thoughts on education, and differences in vision and mission in the various European countries. It is a very personal practice-based platform that aims to connect professional teachers in higher education on a ‘person to person’ base. It is a learning community, practicing what it preaches and also provides and protects free space for sharing topics that emerge on the spot. Professor Marta Raviglia (jazz, voice, impro, ensemble) from the Conservatorio di Musica in Perugia, Italy is the contact person for the VoCon network.

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